Meet Susan Hanger

Some facts about myself

I am living each day in loving and supportive relationship with my partner for over 20 years. I am a Mum of four of the most wonderful children. All my children are in healthy relationships and running after their dreams for their lives. I also have four of the greatest grandchildren which are also the delight of my life.

Back in 1999 the children and I survived the experience of marriage break up with my first long term partner. That experience has given me a personal in sight to the hurt, the feelings of hopelessness and fear of the future when any marriage comes to an end.

In my second Marriage, I found a very supportive and stable man who strongly encouraged me to follow my dreams and in turn search out my potential to help others through life’s trials. Thus, I returned to studies and now hold a BA Degree specializing in Counselling. Also, taking on the challenges of completing a Masters in Couple Counselling.

I started “Susan Hanger Counselling” because of the passion I have to see other people move beyond their detrimental emotions that have held them back. I want to assist others to find their way through life's issues and complexities, with the added bonus of my experiences and the trials of life. These can assist and add greater dimension to new outcomes for clients.

I have a secure private setting, so I can offer a comfortable, safe, and relaxed environment in which we can meet and have worthwhile conversation around the issues at hand.

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Areas of interest include

Couples Counselling

Working with Children

Domestic Violence

Anxiety & Depression

Sexual Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Substance Abuse

Grief and Loss