Pre-marital Counselling

Are you thinking of looking for that person that ignites your spirit, and has the willingness to feel empathy and seek to understand your inner world?

Pre-marital Counselling is for when want to take that ideal relationship to new level of commitment.

Pre-material counselling will enable you and your partner to develop the tools to create and maintain life with that special someone and to invest in the future you are dreaming of. This investment in the future is more than just making a life commitment to each other in a room full of family and close friends. Some would suggest that pre-material counselling is a must before the wedding.

In pre-marital Counselling, you are taking the time to look at the small differences between you now, before, they have an opportunity to grow into the seemingly unmanageable mountains between you.

Who gets Pre-Marital Counselling?

Anybody can get Pre-Marital counselling.

What can I expect from a session?

You will discuss your issues and situation in a clear and open manner. Everyone has the right to be heard and all opinions and feeling are valid. Then you are assisted to find a common ground and resolve the issues that are restricting your relationship.

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