Relationship / Couples Counselling

Relationship and Couple Counselling is about assisting two or more people to find a way of developing the Communication Skills that are lacking which in turn build walls within the relationship.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can be looking at the other relationships you have in your life, it may be how to improve your work relationships so get the promotion you are looking for.

Who gets Relationship and Couples Counselling?

Anybody can get relationship counselling.

What can I expect from a session?

You will discuss your issues and situation in a clear and open manner. Everyone has the right to be heard and all opinions and feeling are valid. Then you are assisted to find a common ground and resolve the issues that are restricting your relationship.

Couples Counselling

Have you been thinking about your intimate relationship, along any of the following?

  • Looking at improving the ways you communicate with your partner.
  • Looking at the commitment levels you both have to this relationship.
  • Experiencing difficulties and you can’t put your finger on why.
  • Seeing individual differences between you both that you didn’t see before.
  • Struggling with understanding your partner’s perspective, let alone where you partner is coming from.
  • Your partner has had or is having affair, wanting to know the whys and what this can mean to the relationship.
  • Look outside of the relationship thinking that it’s the only way to find yourself.
  • Reviewing the old ways, you have been doing your relationship only to realize that the pattern is no longer good enough for either one of you.
  • Strong feelings that you have never truly felt in love with your partner or that you lost that loving feeling that once was so strong.
  • Wanting your partner to know and understand what really touches your heart and moves your spirit.

These are just few reasons couples come the couple counselling, I know you could probably think up several more reasons.

If we think about our relationship, we know that long lasting love requires work which is the intentional investment in the relationship not to live out the fairy tale life that is pushed on us from the outside world. We need to work on the relationship every day of the year and fight for the relationship when it seems to be slipping away. I encourage you to take the time to invest in your relationship and your future. If you don’t like this relationship right now and you want it to be different, YOU are the one that can make those changes in your relationship.

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