General / Individual Counselling

For those seeking out Counselling the buzz words we hear now days are “depression”, “anxiety” and “trauma”. The media of today has taken interest in dropping these words all over the place with lack of clarifying the dimensions of pain that can come with living a life affected by these words.

The Pandemic the world has experienced has opened us to change the ideas around Counselling. There have been changes in how we are seeking support for overwhelming emotions that could bring a person to self-destruction. Counselling is assisting a person to regain an aspect of themselves that once would hold a person back from reaching their full potential in life.

As long as we live, we will have to deal with emotions. Allowing characteristics of strong emotions that once deprived us to reach our full potential is now being redefined by allowing ourselves to see Counselling as an asset to call on when life needs a new viewpoint to work from.

So, for example, if you are thinking that the sadness you are experiencing does not seem to lift and it feels like you are dragging a heavy bag around with you, please contact me.

Or if you are living life tough with feelings that won’t settle when you need them to function in your life, please contact me.

Most of all, if somewhere in your life you have experienced strong painful emotional times that will not stay in the past please contact me.

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