Sand Play & Expressive Therapies

Are you struggling in speaking about your deep emotions that seem to be driving your life? Do you find that no one seems to hear you when you get the courage to talk about the hurt/s that are sitting with in you?

Sand play therapy is a powerful, invaluable modality that can offer you a bridge from your conscious self that controls your world, to the unconscious self where you have placed your hurts safely way to continue with living your life.

Hey, that is something we all do.

Sand play therapy is like its name suggests. It is about PLAY, it is about allowing yourself to release control to the highly valuable creative process that will help you gain inner mastery of your problem(s). letting the unconscious drive the process of moving away from fears, tension, anxiety, and fixed thinking on how you should be handling your deep emotions.

Sand play allows a person to look at the under lying feelings while processing the emotion in non-conversational way, through the selection of figures and the shaping of three-D image in the Sandplay making it possible for a completely new outlook on the issues. For that reason, Sandplay therapy is a great way for child/adult to get in touch with and express what is going on for them in non-tightening manner allowing the child/adult to emerging with inner self to bring harmony and clarity to what was once negative eruptions.

Expressive Therapy modality follows the similar format as Sandplay using creative materials to review the strong emotions that have interrupted the harmony that once defined inner personality.

In the expression and unlimited possibilities that Sandplay and Expressive therapies fosters in the discovery of previously unknown courage and strength is the reason I love to use these therapies with all ages.

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