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All relationships need work, but often we don’t have the inner skill, ability and awareness to see through the difficulties.

Susan was able to assist us through some huge challenges in our relationship, allowing us to grow as a couple, understand each other’s inner workings and communicate in a way that is best for the relationship.

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Susan was able to provide clarity and a new perspective on many issues and has an uncanny ability to perfectly understand our under-pinning feelings...."SHE GETS US".

We cannot explain the depth of gratitude we feel towards Susan.

Susan's willingness to go above and beyond while offering an accessible and affordable service meant that it was easy to focus on our relationship while juggling a busy schedule.

We will continue to see Susan in years to come to ensure that our relationship grows even stronger.

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“Having couples counselling with Susan has been instrumental to the growth of our relationship. Susan has given us the space and guidance to understand each other’s perspective. This has been incredibly helpful to the way we communicate with each other. We now have respectful discussions rather than heated arguments and learning this has been pivotal in deepening our love and respect for each other.

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Susan is able to explain our thoughts and feelings to help us both understand each other. We have grown as a couple thanks to Susan’s reflective, respectful and caring nature.

Tom and Amy

Susan's professional yet down-to-earth and caring approach really allowed for us to build an honest and safe space to explore and share our problems, bring them out in the open and lead to an awareness and mutual respect of each other's needs in our relationship. Having had other counselors in the past, we see that one of her strengths is her ability to remain impartial and facilitate reflection in both of us, equally.

Mark & Nadine

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